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Heimia salicifolia – Sinicuichi (seed)

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Heimia salicifolia is from the family Lythraceae and common names for this species are Sinicuichi, Sun Opener or simply Heimia. Heimia salicifolia occurs in Mexico, California and throughout South America but is now found throughout many parts of the world.

Sinicuichi was used in Mexico to make an intoxicating drink. The leaves were slightly wilted, crushed in water and then allowed to ferment. The strained liquid was then drunk to induce an altered state consisting of narrowed vision, coloured golden. Reports of activity are as of yet unconfirmed but many users have had limited success from using the fermented herb as a tea or smoke mixture. Pellets of resin acquired from the fermented material have been reported as being active.

Heimia salicifolia contains the quinolizidine alkaloids cryogenine, lythrine, heimine, sinicuichine and others. The main alkaloid is cryogenine and is reported to have anticholinergic and antispasmodic effects (Ratsch 1998).

Care and Cultivation

Sow Heimia salicifolia seeds on surface (sprinkle just a small amount of sand over the seeds to keep them in contact with the soil) of a well drained potting mix in full sun. Germination time is between 7-21 days. Pot up individually when large enough or plant out as required.

Heimia likes a full sun position with good drainage and regular fertiliser and trimming. Regular trimming provides fresh new growth for use. Moderately drought and frost hardy.

250+ seeds per packet

1 review for Heimia salicifolia – Sinicuichi (seed)

  1. Simon

    2 seedlings so far.
    these are very small seeds and seedlings.
    happy to see them grow a little larger each day.

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