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Medicinal, culinary and unusual botanicals from Australia and around the world

Herbalistics acknowledges the Bli Bli Country (coming from an Aboriginal word Billai Billai, meaning place of Swamp She-Oaks, Casuarina glauca), home of the Gubbi Gubbi, where our nursery and home now resides, whose land we continue to care for and enhance, recognising the significant harm it has endured since European settlement. This can be undone, as Country is fragile and old, yet forgiving and resilient. Soils and forests can take generations to rebuild, and yet the best time to start is today. We give thanks to the Gubbi Gubbi for looking after, but also modifying through their inhabitance, the Sunshine Coast Country, a land of plenty.

We recognise that these have always been places of cultural, spiritual, social and economic significance. The Traditional Custodians’ unique values, and ancient and enduring cultures, deepen and enrich the life of our community. We thank the First Nations for their traditional knowledge of edible and medicinal properties of native plants, of which we have benefitted. We hope to continue developing and discovering native plant properties, adding our own knowledge for the benefit of all Australians and the Country on which they grow.

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