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Lagenaria siceraria – Bottle Gourd (seed)

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A climbing member of the Curcurbitaceae family, the Bottle gourd is an ornamental species producing medium to large sized gourds that can be dried and used ornamentally. Make your own rattle and play in a band!

The vine will readily clamber over trees, high into the canopy, setting fruit as it goes. The gourds will eventually dry and turn brown and hang from the tree like ornaments for up to a year. The vine won’t smother the tree, just using it as a support to gain the highest point. The young gourd should be edible before it gets large and hard.

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Care and Cultivation of Lagenaria siceraria

Sow Lagenaria siceraria seeds in spring/summer or all year round in warm climates. Full-sun to part-shade. Has fertiliser and water requirements like pumpkins, cucumbers and other gourds. Likes a trellis/fence/tree to climb over.

8 seeds per packet


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