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Banisteriopsis caapi ‘Enano’ (plant)

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Banisteriopsis caapi is the vine from which the South American hallucinogenic and healing brew ayahuasca is made. Family Malpighiaceae. Ayahuasca is a Kechua term for the drink made from this vine and translates to ‘Vine of the Soul’, referring to the freeing of the spirit. Also called yage, Caapi or Vine of the Dead.

‘Enano’ is a selection from our Banisteriopsis caapi ‘Tucunaca’ seedlings, it displays a dwarf habit, short internodal length, small leaves and a compact habit, a must for any collector.

Banisteriopsis caapi stems are used in the preparation of a drink called Ayahuasca in South America and they contain beta-carboline alkaloids such as harmaline, harmine and tetrahydroharmaline.

Care and Cultivation of Banisteriopsis caapi ‘Enano’

Banisteriopsis caapi likes humus rich, moist soil in part shade to full sun. A fairly robust plant, Banisteriopsis caapi will drop leaves in dry times and may need to be irrigated until established. The vine can deal with colder temps but is best grown in subtropical or tropical climates where it can be planted in the ground. Warm and cold temperate climate growers may need to protect their vines over the colder months by bringing inside or providing a warmer microclimate. Beautiful pink flowers in early spring on parts of the plant receiving lots of sun.

We plant Enano in narrow but deep pots as they have quite a deep root system. The foliage spills over the edge of the pot, creating a great talking piece amongst your friends and acquaintances as you lounge around the verandah. Fertilise well over the growing season.

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2 reviews for Banisteriopsis caapi ‘Enano’ (plant)

  1. Marcus R

    What a sexy little plant!!! Established root system, blemish free, very healthy looking. Arrived well packed in peat moss. Would have to be the most interesting caapi esthetically I have come across..

  2. Ben G.

    Excellent health above and below ground. Huge healthy root system and great prices for such a unique plant.

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