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Passiflora laurifolia – Water Lemon (plant)

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Passiflora laurifolia, commonly known as the water lemon, is a species in the family Passifloraceae. The fruit is medium sized, ovaloid in shape, and the usual colours are a green or deep orange skin and white-yellow, extremely juicy pulp. The water lemon has an excellent pefumy-mild taste, without the tartness of the common Passionfruit.

The water lemon is a type of passion fruit not yet widely known. It features a vigorously growing vine up to 30 feet long. Growing better in slightly humid climates, it isn’t too picky about soil or water requirements other than liking ground moisture year-round. The fruits are eaten fresh or used in drinks and bevarages. The water lemon is a native to tropical Americas. From Wikipedia.

Care and Cultivation Likes rich and moist soil in full sun to part shade with a trellis/fence/tree to climb or scramble over.

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