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Pogostemon cablin – Patchouli (plant)

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Pogostemon cablin and other Pogostemon species are cultivated in India and the Far East for Patchouli, a heavy sandalwood/mint fragrance once used to distinguish fabrics of Indian origin. Popular in Europe in the 1860’s and 100 years later with the hippie movement. It is also believed to have antiseptic and aphrodisiac qualities.

A member of the Lamiaceae family native to India and Malaysia. Our stock plants are Pogostemon cablin grown by ourselves from imported seed, much of what is sold in Australia is another species.

Care and Cultivation of Pogostemon cablin

Pogostemon cablin is an upright, bushy perennial to 1 metre high. Likes rich and moist soil in full sun to part shade. Dislikes too less water and too much water. Can be cut after flowering and used for oil extraction or potpourri. To stop from flowering, pinch out tips as you see the flower buds develop (like with Basil and other Lamiaceae)

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1 review for Pogostemon cablin – Patchouli (plant)

  1. Kaisa O

    My patchouli plant arrived, whiplash-fast, and is the first *truly fragrant* patchouli I’ve found!!! Delightful!

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