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Picralima nitida – Akuamma (plant)

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Picralima nitida is a shrub or a tree that can reach a height of 35 metres, but is usually less. Apocyanaceae family. The bole can be up to 60cm in diameter. A popular medicinal herb in Africa, where it is commonly gathered from the wild for local medicinal use. It is also often traded in local markets and via the internet. The seed contains alkaloids. It is used medicinally in parts of Africa, but considered toxic in other areas. The crushed seeds, roots or fruit pulp are ingredients for arrow poison. The immature fruits are pounded and thrown in the water as a fish poison. A little bit of the fruit and bark is sometimes chewed in order to allay hunger while on long marches in the bush.

Picralima nitida is a commonly used herbal remedy in west Africa. All parts of the plant are bitter and throughout its distribution area the seeds, bark and roots have a reputation as a febrifuge and remedy for malaria, as well as also being extensively used for pain relief and to treat chest and stomach problems, pneumonia and intestinal worms. Considerable research has been carried out into the medicinal properties, much of it supporting the traditional uses. The stem bark, fruit and seeds contain a number of indole alkaloids. The seeds are particularly rich in alkaloids (3.5 – 4.8%). Visit here for lots more info on Akuamma.

Care and Cultivation of Picralima nitida

Picralima nitida likes a part shade position (50%) to full sun with rich soil and good drainage. Give regular applications of both liquid and solid fertiliser over summer. Quite slow growing, our plants for sale are about 2 years old.

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