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Hyoscyamus aureus – Golden Henbane (seed)


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A much used genus with several species occurring around the globe. Hyoscyamus aureus contains tropane alkaloids (mainly Hyoscyamine and Hyoscine) and was taken as a painkiller and smoked to relieve toothache. Albus refers to the white seeds, Hyoscyamus niger has black seeds. Henbane is thought to have originated in the Mediterranean regions of Asia Minor.

Hyoscyamus contains hyoscyamine, used since antiquity as both a sedative and a love potion. The ancient Egyptians smoked henbane for their dental problems. Pedanus Dioscorides (40-90BC) used it to procure sleep and allay pains. Pliny the Elder (23-79 BC) writes that all kinds of Hyoscyamus cause insanity and giddiness. In the Middle Ages the drug was the most frequently used anaesthetic for operational interferences (Info from flowersinisrael)

Care and Cultivation of Hyoscyamus aureus

Sow Hyoscyamus aureus seeds in light, well-drained soil in spring. Full-sun with adequate water but can withstand fierce sun and dry conditions. We had great success using the Takeaway Tek to germinate this species. Click here to view the Takeaway Tek

25 seeds per packet


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