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Medicinal, culinary and unusual botanicals from Australia and around the world

Bay Bean (Canavalia rosea) 10g

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Canavalia rosea (syn. Canavalia maritima) is a vigorous creeper native to coastal areas of Australia from central NSW northwards and around the coast to WA. It is pantropical in distribution. Synonym Canavalia maritima. Halotolerant rhizobia growing in symbiosis with the plant enable it to thrive in low nitrogen and salty environments. The seeds are ejected with great force from the twisted pods as they dry and turn brown.

It has been reported that this plant is smoked on the gulf coast of Mexico as a substitute for Cannabis (Plants of the Gods, Schultes & Hofmann). The leaves have been reported to be mildly intoxicating when smoked and for a while were a reported ingredient in the smoking products SPICE et al.

10g dried leaf (Australian grown to organic standards)


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