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Psychotria cv. DW02

New Psychotria hybrid 2015

In our quest to increase the number of cultivars of Psychotria viridis we’ve been conducting some controlled cross pollinations; several worked successfully including the one we are showcasing in this post. A new Psychotria carthagenensis x Psychotria viridis hybrid, labelled ‘DW02’ after the hybridiser.  This seedling can be used in further cross pollinations once large enough and should provide some interesting offspring. As you can see it is quite an attractive plant so far.

Our first Psychotria hybrid ‘DW01’ was named cv. Nexus and is available on our shop click here. It is also a hybrid of Psychotria carthagenensis x Psychotria viridis.

We also have a few seedlings emerging or Psychotria ‘Nexus’ x Psychotria viridis and also of Psychotria ‘Nexus’ x Psychotria viridis ‘UDV’. Watch this space :)

Psychotria hybrid seedlng
A little bit further on in life

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