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Psychotria cv. ‘Nexus’ (plant)


4.92 (12 reviews)


Psychotria cv. Nexus is an interspecific hybrid of Psychotria carthagenensis and Psychotria viridis bred by Darren at Herbalistics. Psychotria carthagenensis is the pistillate parent and Psychotria viridis is the staminate parent. See note below about heterostyly in the genus Psychotria.

Psychotria viridis and P. carthagenensis are used in the traditional psychoactive medicine Ayahuasca; a brew of Banisteriopsis caapi (occasionally alone but most often with Psychotria viridis) ss the base and other plants are sometimes added, depending on the problems and conditions of the patient that need to be examined.

Nexus has a fast growth habit, large leaves and makes a welcome addition to any garden. Nexus is self-sterile (as per our observations so far) and will not produce fruit and viable seed under normal self-pollination. Back-crossing to Psychotria viridis and Psychotria virids ‘UDV’ has produced a small number of fruit and a few seedlings we are now developing. Distyly is recognised in many Psychotria spp. and this may result in limited self-compatibility and the need to out cross with another individual of the same type.

Psychotria viridis contains dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a psychoactive substance found across the plant kingdom in many family, genera and thousands of species (large numbers of Australian Acacia species and other natives contain DMT), often only as trace amounts. An anonymous report on the internet found that Nexus had a concentration of 0.77% DMT whilst P. viridis had a concentration of 1.1% DMT. Nexus would therefore be 70% strength of P. viridis. Nexus is therefore a very worthy ayahuasca additive.

Note on heterostyly: Heterostyly is a genetically controlled floral polymorphism with two morphological forms, namely, distyly and tristyly, that are characterised by two or three morphs, respectively. These morphs show variations in style and filament length, pollen grain size and production, and in the size of the stigmatic papillae and corolla. In addition, the morphs have an incompatibility system in which fruit are produced only in intermorph crosses. Reciprocal herkogamy forces pollinators to contact same-level floral organs with the same region of their body, thereby producing legitimate (intermorph) pollination . This morphological (floral parts) and physiological (incompatibility system) convergence in distylous species provides an efficient mechanism that avoids selfing and maximizes male and female fitness. Differences in pollinator efficiency and the consequent pollen limitation for one of the morphs reduce the fecundity of heterostylous species. These differences have been suggested to result from variations in the quantity and quality of flower visits, and, consequently, in the contact with anthers and stigma from different morphs (Floral biology and breeding system of Psychotria tenuinervis Muell. Arg. (Rubiaceae) in the Atlantic rain forest, SE Brazil. Virillo et. al. Acta bot. bras. 21(4): 879-884. 2007)

Care and Cultivation of Psychotria cv. Nexus

Nexus achieves a good growth rate when compared to Psychotria viridis and is as fast or faster than Psychotria carthagenensis. Psychotria cv. Nexus prefers a part shade, moist, well-drained position in the garden and a rich loam soil with adequate fertiliser. Nexus has performed well in our subtropical climatic extremes experienced here in SE QLD, ranging from low to high humidity, temperatures from 0-43°C over the year. It will have minimal frost tolerance and is about as drought tolerant as the parents, please share your cultivation experiences with us by posting a review.

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12 reviews for Psychotria cv. ‘Nexus’ (plant)

  1. Jade

    Got this plant in mail couple of days and looks great! Got it in a pot at the moment ready to plant it in a part shady area in the ground. Found out it’s a hybrid, really like unusual rare plants 🙂

  2. samuel b

    plant arrived quickly and was well packaged and healthy has been potted up for 4 weeks now and showing signs of fast growth could not be happier.

  3. Marcus R

    Prolific growth when compared to P.viridis, as vigorous , possibly more so than P.carthaginensis. Received this plant in winter, nrth Qld Tablelands(it’s cold here, no frost due to micro-climate but pretty close) and continued to put on growth throughout in small greenhouse outside otherwise unassisted. Where as P.viridis only just starting to pick up now it’s getting warmer. So far seems to have the positive traits of both parent plants. Darren certainly knows his stuff. Would be very interested to see if crossing back with P.viridis produced viable seed?? A beautiful rain forest plant!! Nice work Herbalistics 🙂

  4. Cam G

    Arrived in excellent condition very well packaged even when spending a good week in my letterbox (my bad!!) has been putting out a new pair of leaves weekly since, in Melbourne!!!!!!

  5. Damian M

    A fantastic and beautiful addition to any collection, its actaully my favorite one out of a shibobo, luna and ofcourse my P viridius..
    ive been shopping around alot before finding herbalistics and i feel its a shame ive only now started to buy from this site as most of the plants of bought elsewhere have coming in rather shocking states to begin with, where as everything from Darren
    ( about 6 different plants) have all come in amazing condition..
    I will be only buying from herbalistics ONLY from now on.
    A big thanks to Darren for his extra customer assistance and gardening advice.

  6. Liam S

    Arrived super quick and in perfect condition allowed for easy potting a quick bounce back. Very pleased with my new addition to the garden.

  7. Mike B

    Fast delivery, well packaged. Came in very nice condition, potted well, no wilting or leaves lost. Placed in sunroom with humidity. Didnt take off as well as my Viridis but still amazing, has been potted for 1 week and has new shoots of growth above most leaves. I highly recommend this supplier. Thankyou very much Herbalistics.

  8. corey b

    Top notch, arrived very quickly, not kidding about the fast growth, mine seems to be loving the climate here in Adelaide, even with this heat its booming along, a must have for your collection, thankyou very much 🙂 can’t wait to do business again soon 🙂

  9. nathan h

    Arrived healthy and started growing with minimum effort.

  10. jaycar

    Fast shipping, very healthy and generous cutting. Darren gives great customer service and is happy to help out with any questions 😃

  11. mail32

    In VIC I struggled to get other Psychotria to grow but this has grow quickly in an east facing window with direct sun about 1/4 of the day.

  12. JAH

    A great specimen very happy

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