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Moving is never easy and moving house and nursery to a location 2.5hrs away on the Sunshine Coast has been a long grind, but enjoyable! Adapting to the new climate and seeing opportunities and realising limitations is the current realisation!

Being closer to the coast has its benefits, the night time temperature is generally 5 degrees or so warmer at night than in the Lockyer Valley. The humidity is higher, which is good for some species and not for others. Soil moisture at this time of the year is greater. The soil has a 2-3 inch topsoil and clay subsoil, with the ubiquitous small rocks, 20-50mm. Gypsum being added to the soil to improve structure. The drainage is already very good considering the type of soil, but gypsum will improve it more without affecting the pH.

The area appears to have been an old Lychee farm, approx. 15-20 years ago, many large Lychee trees are dotted about our backyard and throughout the neighbourhood. It is promising for tasty fruit, but dealing with fruit bats will be an issue, they are already active in a Eucalypt above the shed. I am hoping there is enough to share for all the species.

Lychee Tree in background, native ginger with Native Bee hive in fore.
Lychee Tree in background, native ginger with Native Bee hive in fore.

Adding soluble humates to the vege garden yesterday, improving the drainage and structure, increasing biological activity is the name of the game before planting some staples for the kitchen: coriander, Calendula, parsley, That Basil, Lemongrass, Stevia, Cardamom, Lemon Balm, et al.

Starting to resemble a vege patch!
Starting to resemble a vege patch!

The future is looking bright, bright green!

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  1. Hey Darren,
    sounds nice, looking bright green indeed!
    Have you got any advice on the native bee hive?
    Housing, position, how can I attract native bees to my garden?
    Oh and is native ginger worth growing?

  2. Hi Scott,

    cheers mate! Native bee hive bought from Zabel out in the Lockyer Valley, the website below gives a good outline on Trigona carbonaria. Plenty of pollen and nectar sources will attract them if there is a hive in the bush nearby.

    Native ginger is def. worth growing if you are in a suitable climate, the rhizome smells like it should be edible! But a great plant for screening, stabilisation, habitat, etc.



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