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Duboisia myoporoides

Heath walk Sunshine Coast

I like to get out and explore plant communities when I move to a new area. The Sunshine Coast has some amazing heathland reserves, though sadly like most other vegetation types in Australia, the majority has been destroyed and disturbed since European Settlement. Add to that incorrect fires regimes and these beautiful and inspiring landscapes are under serious threat in many places.

Life can be tough in the heath.

There are many amazing plant species in heath, many interesting bushfoods, to name a few I saw; Persoonia spp. (Geebung), Leucopogon spp., Haemodorum spp. (Bloodroot), Trachymene incisa (Native Parsnip), Duboisia myoporoides (Corkwood) and there will be many more interesting medicinal and aromatic species as well.

Corkwood (Duboisia myoporoides) in flower and fruit!

So I urge you, get a good plant ID book for your local area and get out and explore you local flora, there’s plenty to discover! Even better, join a local bush regeneration group and help preserve what we have left.

Leucopogon pimeleoides fruit – they taste good!

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