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Smoke Treatment

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Simple to use – convenient, effective and economical. A completely inert granular material soaked in smoky water absorbs an amount of the chemicals that naturally occur in smoke from the burning of bush materials.

Simply sprinkle it on top of the soil or potting mix after sowing the seeds. The first watering washes the smoke chemicals around the seeds to boost germination. Seed Starter can also help produce stronger seedlings and improve their survival after germination. In those cases where the seeds need to be soaked in hot water before sowing, a small amount of the granules can be added to the hot water and left to soak with the seeds to help trigger their germination.

Australian researchers have shown that a group of chemicals contained in smoke named karrikinolides are extremely potent germination stimulators active in parts per trillion.

Approx. 5 grams per packet


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