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Nymphaea gigantea – Blue Cloud (seed)

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Nymphaea gigantea is a species of aquatic perennial herbaceous plant native to Australia and New Guinea. Nymphaea gigantea is a tropical and sub-tropical species that establishes tubers in the muddy bottoms of still waters.

Petals can be seen to be a light purple-blue when they first blossom. As they become mature plants they become a light blue, or can even be white. Due to its blue-white colour, it is also known as “Blue Cloud”, and typically flowers between the months June and July (from Wikipedia).

The word Nymphaea is from a Greek word nymphaia meaning water nymph.

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Care and Cultivation of Nymphaea gigantea

Nympaea gigantea seed can be sown in spring and during summer (September-February). Our seed is kept moist in sterile Coco peat, you will receive a small bag with approx 50+ seed mixed in. Sow immediately on arrival. Sprinkle this mix on the top of a pot and submerge the pot (careful not to wash seeds away) to keep wet. Make sure the water is at soil level or no deeper than 2.5 cm, and place pot in a sunny position. Or just get some really poorly drained soil, soil on top and off you go!

Germination should take 3-4 weeks.The seedlings will look like fine grass at first, developing true leaves later. When the first two or three floating leaves appear the seedling should be pricked out and planted into individual containers and immersed back in the water. They may be submerged into deeper water and larger containers as they grow and lengthen. (taken from PlantzAfrica website).

50+ seeds per packet (seeds in moist coco peat, sow on arrival)



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