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Erythrina vespertilio – Bat’s Wing Coral Tree (seed)

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Erythrina vespertilio is a small, straggly tree, 6 – 10 m high, with thorns on the trunk and branches. The bark is creamy-grey, deeply furrowed and corky. Leaves are bifoliolate or trifoliolate,10 – 15 cm long with leaflets broadly wedge-shaped or 3-lobed, resembling a bat’s open wings. Leaflets are 7-12 cm x 5-12 cm, the terminal leaflet, if present, is often longer and narrower than the others. The plant is deciduous in the dry season (Info at ASGAP)

The dried leaves are reportedly a sedative when taken as a tea.

Care and Cultivation of Erythrina vespertilio

Chip off a small piece of the red seed coat with a sharp knife or secateurs and soak over night in a glass of water. You can also use hot water treatment. Plant 1cm under the surface of a well drained seed raising mix in full sun/part shade. Keep moist until germination in 1-2 weeks. Erythrina vespertilio prefers a well drained soil and is fast growing and hardy. Nitrogen fixing legume. Erythrina vespertilio likes a full sun position and is very tolerant of dry conditions once established. Semi deciduous in dry times.

5 seeds per packet

1 review for Erythrina vespertilio – Bat’s Wing Coral Tree (seed)

  1. jahaase79

    Top quality seeds as described thanks Herbalistics

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