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Acacia maidenii – Maiden’s Wattle (seed)

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Acacia maidenii occurs in Qld, NSW and Vic, in coastal and sub-coastal environments, from Proserpine in the north to Orbost in the south. Grows usually in more fertile soils, sometimes derived from basalt, often on the edges of littoral rainforest. Flowers mostly January-June (WorldWideWattle website)

The bark contains different tryptamines, like many Australian Acacia spp. Better substitutes with tryptamines in the leaves are A. floribunda, A. courtii, A. acuminata (all variants), A. obtusifolia and A. phlebophylla. A fast growing, useful drought hardy Australian native. The seed pods of Acacia maidenii are an excellent ‘bush soap’, a magnificent froth develops when agitated in water; this is from saponins.

Care and Cultivation of Acacia maidenii

Scarification is required for Acacia maidenii seeds. Pour just boiled water over the seeds and allow to soak for a few hours to overnight. Plant 5mm under the surface of a well drained seed raising mix in full sun. Keep moist until germination.

Maiden’s Wattle can grow to 5 metres tall (some sources say 15-20m) with a similar spread. Likes a full sun position with well drained soil and adequate water for the first year or two. Drought tolerant once established. Suitable for most soil types and climates.

15 seeds per packet (SE QLD provenance)


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