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Duboisia hopwoodii – Pituri (seed)

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Duboisia hopwoodii is a member of the Solanaceae family, native to most inland areas of all states and territories of Australia, except Tasmania and the ACT. Aboriginal tribes traded the dried leaves of this species over great distances before white settlement, being highly valued as a narcotic, stimulant. The definitive Australian psychoactive plant species. Common names include pituri, pitchiri, pitcheri, bedjeri, emu bush, emu poison, etc.

The leaves of Duboisia hopwoodii can contain nicotine, nor-nicotine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine, all in varying concentrations depending on the chemotype, this varies from state to state. It also varies seasonally.

Care and Cultivation of Duboisia hopwoodii

We have found Duboisia hopwoodii seeds to benefit greatly from soaking in GA3 (conc. from 1000-2000ppm) before sowing. We sell GA3 here. This overcomes the physiological dormancy of this species. Seed can then be sown in spring or in warm conditions, just below the surface of a well drained potting mix. Keep moist and germination should start from 21 days onward. Full-sun. Flowers in spring. Likely pollinated by ant species.

10 seeds per packet or choose other options (WA provenance)

1g of seed is approx. 100 fruit but varies. To extract seed, soak fruit overnight in water and then clean gently in a sieve.

1 review for Duboisia hopwoodii – Pituri (seed)

  1. JAH

    Excellent seed quality! A+

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