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Desmanthus illinoensis – Illinois Bundleflower (seed)


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A member of the Fabaceae family, Desmanthus illinoensis is a perennial legume growing to 1 metre tall. Deciduous plant which dies back to a hardy rootstock in winter and shoots forth again in spring. Pretty flowers in summer. Fern like compound leaves.

The root bark of D. illinoensis has been used as a rich source of tryptamines. More info at Erowid here

Our seed is a cultivar named Sabine. Sabine is a named Desmanthus illinoensis cultivar originally collected from a natural stand near Crystal Beach in Texas. “It was selected from among many collections in an evaluation block at the Knox City, Texas Plant Materials Center for its forage abundance, seed production, and ability to take up nitrogen”.

Care and Cultivation of Desmanthus illinoensis

Seeds can be sown in spring/summer just under the surface of a quality potting mix. Germination may be increased by pouring just boiled water over the seeds and letting them soak for a few hours before planting. Pot up individually once they are tall enough and begin to crowd each other.

Full sun and well-drained soil. Desmanthus illinoensis is frost tolerant once established. Can grow in areas with annual rainfall of 380mm+, so is well drought tolerant.

15 seeds per packet

1 review for Desmanthus illinoensis – Illinois Bundleflower (seed)

  1. Simon

    5 seedlings so far.. going well.
    fast growing.
    nice to see them open and close leaves.

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