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Citrus australasica – Finger Lime (seed)

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Citrus australasica is a member of the Rutaceae family native to rainforests of northern NSW and SE QLD. Citrus australasica fruit are prized for their unusual looking finger shaped fruit which contain tiny juice-filled vesicles, looking somewhat like caviar. Several new varieties have been bred in Australia in the last 2 decades and naturally there are many different coloured variants; yellow, green, purple and red skinned and/or fleshed varieties. Our seeds are generally from the green skinned and fleshed type or a red flesh (pictured is Byron Sunrise). If you’ve got a preference, just add a note on checkout, but often we’ll have just the one type.

Care and Cultivation of Citrus australasica

Soak your finger lime seeds in water overnight before sowing to allow them to hydrate fully. If you can manage, it is preferable to peel the outer skin from the seeds for better and faster germination, but this can be tricky without a microscope and tweezers.

Sow Citrus australasica seeds under the surface of a good quality seed raising mix and keep moist until germination in 14-28 days. Citrus australasica plants like a full sun to part shade position with adequate moisture and regular fertiliser, just like normal Citrus. Easy to care for and drought hardy once established. Keep them pruned to a manageable size.

5 seeds per packet (currently open pollinated seeds from the variety Red Champagne, Ricks Red, Collette or Byron Sunrise)




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