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Capsicum baccatum ‘Aji Limon’ (seed)

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Aji Limon (or Lemon Chilli in English) is a pod type of Capsicum baccatum. Lemon yellow coloured fruit at maturity, lemon overtones in the flavour are displayed. Medium heat level (5-6). Forms a bush up to 1.5 metres tall with multiple stems and is a prolific bearer. Fruits begin erect on the plant and gradually turn horizontal or completely hang down. One of the chillies that has many uses due to its flavour and mid level heat.

Care and Cultivation of Capsicum baccatum ‘Aji Limon’

Aji Limon seeds should be sown just under the surface of a good quality seed raising mix, keep moist until germination. Sow seeds in spring/summer or autumn in warmer areas. Seeds germinate in 1-2 weeks. Prefers full to part sun and adequate moisture. Perennial in most areas.

10 seeds per packet

1 review for Capsicum baccatum ‘Aji Limon’ (seed)

  1. discgo321

    Great pods awesome germination rate

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