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Capparis mitchellii – Wild Orange (seed)

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Capparis mitchellii is native to inland areas of Australia. It is a shrub from 3-4m tall, starting life as a thin spiky vine like plant before becoming tree like with age. Australia has 10-20 native Capparis species.

Related to the commercial caper (Capparis spinosa), the young flower buds can also be pickled like capers and the edible fruit eaten without preparation, some describe the flavour as like passion fruit with a kerosene after-taste (!) and other as barely edible with an astringent taste, to delicious. Either way they are a wild source of vitamin C and thiamine. They have an agreeable aroma and the flesh is eaten, avoiding the skin and seeds. The leaves are palatable and well liked by stock and provide good shade. They can be defoliated at times of the year by larvae of caper white butterfly and white cabbage moth. They are a good indicator to helping spot these plants in the outback.

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Care and Cultivation of Capparis mitchellii

Sow Capparis mitchellii seed in warmer parts of the year 1-2cm under the surface of a good seed raising mix. Keep just moist until germination in 1-6 weeks. Likes a full sun position and well-drained soil, will not tolerate bad drainage. Will respond well to regular watering over the warmer months, even over colder months in most areas. Frost and drought hardy.

5 seeds per packet (Windorah QLD provenance)

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