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Allocasuarina littoralis – Black She-Oak (seed)

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Allocasuarina littoralis is one of the most widespread species in eastern Australia, have a latitudinal range that extends south from the tip of Cape York Peninsula in north Queensland to southern parts of Tasmania. It is most common east of the Great Dividing Range on along coastal and sub-coastal sites and long the adjacent ranges, but in some areas, such as the central east of New South Wales, isolated stands extend inland for up to 450 km. This species grows up to 12m tall on favourable sites and grows on a wide range of sites, but is most common on well-drained soils on hills and mountain slopes. (Taken from Florabank website). The species is dioecious (female and male flowers occur on separate plants).

Allocasuarina littoralis is a fast growing, nitrogen fixing tree, that can be grown on recharge sites and a wide range of shallow, well-drained soils. It has one of the widest latitudinal gradients of any tree species in eastern Australia. It is considered an excellent fuelwood and would make a useful windbreak or shelterbelt species. In the past, the wood of Allocasuarina littoralis has been used for turnery, tool handles, yokes, furniture, farm buildings and roof shingles.

Allocasuarina littoralis seeds are a critical food source for Glossy Black Cockatoos. We’ve found that the seeds are a good bushfood, useful if you are in a survival situation, simply fill your pockets with the unopened capsules and after 1-2 days (or quicker if you keep them hot and dry) they will open to release the small seeds which taste quite good and would be expected to be high in protein/fats.

Care and Cultivation of Allocasuarina littoralis

Sow Allocasuarina littoralis seeds just under the surface of a well drained seed raising mix, the seeds just want to be weighted down so they don’t float off when watered. Keep moist and in part shade until germination in 1-3 weeks. Pot up individually when crowding begins.

50+ seeds per packet. SE QLD provenance.


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