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Mimosa hostilis v. inermis – Jurema (plant)

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Mimosa hostilis is native to northern Brazil and its range extends through into Central America. It is a pioneer species, germinating readily after fire and making the environment more amenable to succeeding generations of other species though its nitrogen fixing ability, it quickly creates organic material and humus for the soil. Now known as Mimosa tenuiflora.

Called tepezcohuite in Mexico where it is widely used as a wound healing agent.

Mimosa hostilis has many uses apart from the rootbark being a source of hallucinogenic tryptamines. The bark has been used to heal wounds, as an analgesic, fodder for stock and bees and a source of tannin.

Care and Cultivation of Mimosa hostilis

Mimosa hostilis likes full sun to part shade position with moist soil although this species has a good drought tolerance. Deciduous in winter in most climates except tropical. Keep a little bit drier over winter.

Our Mimosa hostilis seeds are harvested annually from our inermis variety (latin for armless/defenceless/spineless) and are predominantly thornless. The variety with thorns is pretty nasty 😉

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3 reviews for Mimosa hostilis v. inermis – Jurema (plant)

  1. Jason C

    Plant arrived in great health, potted up and thriving, tons of new growth.

  2. Thomas M

    Great plant. Arrived in great health and is growing amazing

  3. mail32

    Arrived in great health as always, almost 8 months old and has grown even through the VIC winter in an east facing window. Still trying to workout how much water it needs, but it’s doing well.

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