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Acacia burkittii – Fine Leaf Jam (plant)

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Occurs in the southern Arid Zone extending from near Yalgoo, WA, eastwards through inland SA to the western plains of NSW. In WA, its southern boundary appears to abut the northern boundary of A. acuminata (narrow phyllode variant) ; however, it is difficult to precisely map this boundary because of a paucity of material (especially fruiting specimens, which are often needed to separate the two). Commonly found on plains in red clay-loam or sandy loam (pH 5.5–8) over limestone or a hardpan, in mixed Acacia shrubland with Mulga (A. aneura) and/or Bowgada (A. ramulosa). It has also been recorded from coarse sand associated with granite outcrops, low rocky hills, and (especially in the eastern part of its range in WA) in open low Eucalyptus woodland. (Info at WorldWideWattle).

Acacia burkittii is most readily distinguished from A. acuminata by a combination of its narrow (often terete) phyllodes and large, turgid seeds; furthermore, it occurs further inland than most populations of A. acuminata and it commonly has shorter spikes. Acacia burkittii was treated as a subspecies of A. acuminata by P.Kodela & M.D.Tindale, Telopea 7(4): 415 (1998). However, recent studies by Maslin et al. have shown that complex patterns of variation exist within these taxa and until this variation is better understood it is considered appropriate to adopt a conservative approach by regarding them as separate species.

Acacia burkittii is reported to contain similar levels of alkaloids in the leaves and bark as Acacia acuminata.

Care and Cultivation of Acacia burkittii

Acacia burkittii prefers a sandy/gravel well drained soil and is fast growing and hardy. Likes a full sun position and is tolerant of dry conditions once established.

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