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Medicinal, culinary and unusual botanicals from Australia and around the world
Sersalisia sericea

Sersalisia sericea – Australian Bushfood

Sersalisia sericea (syn. Pouteria sericea) the Native Prune or an Aboriginal word for the fruit, Mongo, is a small tree or shrub native to northern and eastern Australia. Family Sapotaceae. One book i have lists its uses as edible fruit, good firewood, wood used to make spears and axe handles. I collected some fruit from trees on Hamilton Island in The Whitsundays in November 2015. It was a pretty dry season but one tree had a handful of fruit. Others were just about to start or were flowering. The flesh on the fruit was meagre but tasty and slightly sweet; pretty high in purple pigments too so you can imagine it has some good phytonutrients like anthocyanin. Sersalisia sericea is one of those bushfoods to keep an eye out for on your wanders. It would also make a beautiful garden specimen and I will be growing a few.

Sersalisia sericea

Sersalisia sericea seeds

Sersalisia sericea

Sersalisia sericea

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