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Voacanga africana (plant)

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Voacanga africana is a close relative of Tabernanthe iboga and is amember of the Apocynaceae family. Voacanga seeds and root bark are generally ingested to increase endurance and stamina and also for magic and religious purposes in Africa. The latex is used as a rubber adulterant and other parts of the plant are used against infectious diseases.

The bark and seeds contain up to 10% indole alkaloids of the iboga type (Ratsch, 1998) with the principal alkaloid being voacamine. Voacangine is a common precursor in the semi-synthesis of Ibogaine, as found in Tabernanthe iboga and used for treating addiction. Visit the Erowid Voacanga vault!

Care and Cultivation of Voacanga africana

Voacanga africana is an evergreen tree that can grow to 10m tall. Likes a rich soil with good drainage. Fertilise moderately over the warmer months. Keep in a slightly warmer spot over winter, generally this is a fairly hardy tree with good drought tolerance. Likes a lot of root space, keep potting up as they fill their pot.

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3 reviews for Voacanga africana (plant)

  1. Leon

    I brought 4 of these plants 2 weeks ago & they have all doubled in size already. Exceptional specimens!

  2. Jason C

    Received a well established specimen, potted and placed next to my Iboga. Both looking healthy and happy. Cheers!

  3. mail32

    Ferocious growth, although definite etiolated in my east facing window (yes, indoors). Beautiful leaves, easy to care for, fast growth.

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