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Trichocereus ‘TPM x Sharxx Blue’ (cactus)

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Trichocereus are South American cacti with many being used traditionally for divining purposes. Hybridisation occurs readily as individuals do not or very rarely self-pollinate.

TPM is T. peruvianus monstrose. Sharxx Blue is originally from Dawsons cactus farm in Australia and is a type of T. peruvianus, quite similar to ICARO and is most likely a Matucana type.

We have selected a cristate (monstrose) seedling and propagated it.

Care and Cultivation of Trichocereus

Keep in part-shade until large enough to deal with full-sun, which will depend on the increasing exposure you give the cactus. Once established, Trichocereus species can be watered most of the year in all climates, although they will cease to grow or slow right down over winter in colder areas. Fertilise regularly with fish emulsion/seaweed at half strength over the growing season. Try to limit overhead watering as it can cause rot between the layers of growth in cold or humid conditions. Otherwise quite hardy.

1 cactus cutting (100-130mm long)

1 review for Trichocereus ‘TPM x Sharxx Blue’ (cactus)

  1. gegzy00

    Swift delivery of a gnarly chunk of awesomeness.

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