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Trichocereus peruvianus – Icaro (seed)

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Trichocereus peruvianus (Icaro) is a South American cactus species used traditionally for divining purposes. Collected at 2500m above sea level near Matucana, Peru. An upright species to 6 metres tall with blue glaucous skin. Icaro is described by the collector of these seeds (Icaros DNA) as Trichocereus peruvianus var. matucana.

Care and Cultivation of Trichocereus peruvianus

We now use the Takeaway Tek for germinating most cacti seeds. Click here to view the Takeaway Tek. Otherwise, follow the directions below.

Seed should be sown in a sterile cacti mix, either in terracotta or plastic pots, growers prefer one or the other. Cover the seed very lightly with mix and mist the surface to settle the soil and seeds. Cover with a humidity dome or plastic wrap and leave in a warm spot in 50% shade. Fluctuating temperatures are best (ie. high day temperature and low night temperature). Seedlings will emerge in 7-21 days and can be grown in the same environment for a number of months. Mist or bottom water when the soil is almost dry.

As they get older the watering can become deeper and more frequent. Potting up can be done when 5-10mm in diameter or after 6-8 weeks at a minimum. Keep in part-shade until large enough to deal with full-sun. Once established, Trichocereus species can be watered most of the year in all climates.

25 seeds per packet

2 reviews for Trichocereus peruvianus – Icaro (seed)

  1. Mj DC

    Excellent 100% results.

    Medium : 3 sand to 1 coir
    Container: Clear plastic with lid and holes drilled in bottom (Sistema type) .
    Lights : 2x Aqua-Glo fluro set to 18rhs .

    Container was then placed in a tray of water (warm to raise soil temp) then removed and drained.
    Seeds then sprinkled over the surface then lightly sprayed then every week. Also lid removed to dry & breath now and then.

    Planted on 15th Dec 2014 100 seeds.
    Germination started in 24hrs (!!!)
    16th First seedlings fully emerged.
    18th 42%
    22nd 75%
    23rd 85%
    5th 100% (very close to anyway)
    Average size 5mm round and 7mm high in 3weeks.

    I will leave these under the lights over winter and review then.

    I am very impressed with the results of these seeds, they have surpassed any other variety.
    I will buy more and HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try them too!!

    Thank-you Herbalistics !

  2. timothymerv

    Had great results using takeaway tek in mid September – just sieved cactus mix and partial shade.

    They were just starting to power on after being potted up when the grass hoppers decided to have a ceremony 🙁

    So, hot tip – watch out for the grass hoppers…

    • Herbalistics

      Damn ;(

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