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Trichocereus huascha – Red Torch Cactus (cactus)


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Trichocereus huascha is a medium sized clumping columnar cactus, growing from 40-90cm tall. Also called Helianthocereus huascha or Echinopsis huascha. Can be used as a grafting stock for smaller cactus species.

This clone has beautiful large red flowers that open in the evening and last 1-3 days. Native to Argentina, Trichocereus huascha can have red, yellow or orange flowers depending on the clone.

Reports of this cactus having stimulating properties have been circulated. Does not contain mescaline but does contain hordenine (major alkaloid), N-methyltyramine and tyramine, the last two as traces.

Care and Cultivation Likes a full sun/part shade position and is tolerant of bright, hot exposure and light frost. Easy to care for, these cacti can be watered all year round, slightly less in winter/cold areas. A mix between cacti and normal potting mix is best. Can be planted straight into the ground or potted up. Plant the cutting 1/3 of its length in the soil.

1 cutting ca. 15cm long.


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