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Trichocereus bridgesii – Achuma (seed)

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Trichocereus bridgesii is a South American columnar cactus species from Bolivia. Also called Echinopsis lageniformis due to a recent taxonomy change. An upright species to 2-6 metres tall, large nocturnal white flowers. Reported in many cases to be a better sacramental and divining species than T. pachanoi.

One of the first Western reports of it being utilised as an entheogen like T. pachanoi was by Wade Davis and Timothy Plowman. Crossing into Bolivia from Peru, the two made an excursion to La Paz and a place known as the Valley of the Moon. Coming across Trichocereus bridgesii and having heard a report from an old Aymara woman that it made one drunk with visions, the two tried it and found it indeed to be true.

Care and Cultivation of Trichocereus bridgesii

We now use the Takeaway Tek for germinating most cacti seeds. Click here to view the Takeaway Tek. Otherwise, follow the directions below.

Seed should be sown in a sterile cacti mix, either in terracotta pots or plastic, people either prefer one or the other. Cover the seed very lightly with mix and mist the surface to settle the soil and seeds. Cover with a humidity dome or plastic wrap and leave in a warm spot in 50% shade. Fluctuating temperatures are best (ie. high day temperature and low night temperature). Seedlings will emerge in 7-21 days and can be grown in the same environment for a number of months. Mist or bottom water when the soil is almost dry.

As they get older the watering can become deeper and more frequent. Potting up can be done when 5-10mm in diameter or after 6-8 weeks at a minimum.

A good mix of normal potting mix, perlite and washed sand is a good potting medium. Fertilise regularly over the growing season, Charlie Carp (fish emulsion) and seaweed are good for these cacti. Keep in part-shade until large enough to deal with full-sun. Once established, Trichocereus species can be watered most of the year in all climates.

25 seeds per packet

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2 reviews for Trichocereus bridgesii – Achuma (seed)

  1. Roland

    Seeds arrived safely to NSW in less then 5 working days!.Accurate and well presented!

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Marcus R

    Am yet to receive any cactus seed from Darren that doesn’t have very respectable germination rates(can’t be said of all suppliers), believe me start shopping around and you’ll find that Herbalistics should be your preferred Australian supplier of Ethno Botanical seed stock! Just wish he would stock a few more live cuttings ;)..Hint hint… In saying that though the selection he has is a well thought out combination of Australian named clones, his own hybrids and some lovely imports( that sacred succulents, Juuls giant hybrid is a cracker!!) Matter of fact i think i’ll go a review it now!

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