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Tagetes minuta – Huacatay (seed)

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From the Asteraceae family and the Marigold genus (Tagetes), Tagetes minuta is a large annual/biennial herb to 4m tall native to South America and has been eaten in various forms since pre-contact times. Dried leaves may be used as a seasoning and huacatay paste is used to make the popular Peruvian potato dish called ocopa. An herbal tea can be brewed from the leaves. An extraction of the plant, “Marigold oil”, is used in the perfume, tobacco, and soft drink industry. The oils contained in the oil glands that are found throughout the above ground portions of the plant may cause irritation to the skin and in some cases are said to cause photodermatitis. (From Wikipedia)

In addition to food, the plant can be used to produce dye and as a green manure crop for biomass and a bio-fumigant for control of selected species of nematodes. An excellent plant to use in rotation in permaculture and home gardening.

Care and Cultivation of Tagetes minuta

Sow Tagetes minuta seeds just below the surface, in spring or when warm, in well-drained soil in full sun. Seeds will germinate in 1-2 weeks.

0.5g seeds per packet or choose other options (approx 200+ seeds)



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