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Sweet Dreams (Calea zacatechichi tincture 50ml)

4.2 (5 reviews)



It has been reported that traditionally the Chontal Indians of Oaxaca made a tea from the dried leaves of this shrub for their effect of producing vivid dreams which are easily recalled upon waking. The Chontal medicine men believe it clarifies the senses and call the plant ‘leaf of god’. Traditionally, the Chontal would take 1-5ml of a Dream Herb tincture before bedtime.

Calea zacatechichi tincture, 1:3 wv. (organically grown Calea zacatechichi herb, ethanol and glycerine)

50ml bottle

Product of Australia

Contains NO sugar, yeast, corn, salt, wheat, soy, artificial colours or sweeteners, dairy, preservatives, synthetic pesticides or fertilisers!

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5 reviews for Sweet Dreams (Calea zacatechichi tincture 50ml)

  1. Adrian N

    nice! much better taste than other tinctures of this i’ve tried before, 5-10ml before bed gave some wiked vivid dreams over a few consecutive nights.

  2. Jacob

    Tried on several occasions to get this to work, with doses up to 20ml, and still had no success. Also gave my partner a standard dose (5ml) and she also had no success.

    Can’t recommend.

  3. Zaeil

    1ml before bed was enough to give me extremely vivid dreams, and easier to recollect on waking. When I added in breathing techniques while drifting off to sleep my hypnogogic state was a lot more vivid and eventful then what I’d normally experience. I’m pretty stoked about this product and will definitely be investing in more!

  4. alan b

    Single 10 ml dose in water to suit my body weight before returning to sleep in the early a.m hours.
    Really interesting experience and will use/purchase again.
    Enjoyed the addition of Glycyrrhiza, making it a bit of a tonic as well as making it taste pleasant.
    Appeared to amplify the alpha state as well as REM sleep with a mild euphoria before ‘sleep’.
    I woke up several times with the sensation of dreaming in reverse… meaning my waking life was the dream I slipped into rather than returned to from any other ‘dream’.
    Slept well afterwards and woke very relaxed.
    I’d reserve it for when you have a day off/nothing on the next morning so you can enjoy the full relaxing benefits too.
    Highly recommended 🙂

  5. mail32

    Very effective. I have tried other Calea tinctures but this has been the clearest and strongest I’ve felt. For me, very clear , powerful and vivid dreams reliably come with this. Thank you Darren!

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