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Medicinal, culinary and unusual botanicals from Australia and around the world

Solanum centrale – Kutjera (plant)

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Solanum centrale is native to inland areas of Australia and was a much relished food of Aborigines. The ripe fruit has a delicious sun-dried tomato flavour and can be used in any dishes where tomatoes are used. Also called Bush Tomato, Desert Raisin or Desert Tomato.

Care and Cultivation of Solanum centrale

Solanum centrale prefers a loam/gravel well drained soil. We use a blend of sand, pumice, perlite and some coco coir. You want it to be almost devoid of organic material, so go heavy with the sand and pumice. This stops them getting root rot from too much moisture. Fast growing and hardy, Solanum centrale likes a full sun position and is tolerant of extremely dry conditions once established. Sends up suckers over time; often the main plant will die back and the new shoots will pop up a short distance away.

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