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Selenicereus megalanthus – Yellow Pitaya (cactus)

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Selenicereus megalanthus is a cactus species native to northern South America, where it is known, along with its fruit, by the name of pitahaya. The species is grown commercially for its yellow fruit, but is also an impressive ornamental climbing vine with perhaps the largest flowers of all cacti (wikipedia). The yellow fruit has thorns, unlike the red dragon fruits, and is commonly known as “yellow dragon fruit”, “yellow pitahaya” or “yellow pitaya”.

Care and Cultivation of Selenicereus megalanthus

Selenicereus megalanthus are an easily cultivated, fast growing epiphyte or xerophyte. Either grow it up a tree or up a post. Needs a compost containing plenty of humus and sufficient moisture in summer. Can be grown in semi-shade or full sun. Extra light in the early spring will stimulate budding. Flowers in summer or autumn. Allow cutting to heal for 1-2 weeks win a warm and dry position before planting.

1 cutting 100-150mm length


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