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Sceletium emarcidum – Kougoed (seed)

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South African succulent species which was traditionally prepared by the Khoi and San tribes as a stimulant material (Kanna/Kougoed). These seeds are gathered from cultivated plants in Australia and are not wild harvested from their natural range where they are now restricted.

Sceletium emarcidum was valued as highly as S. tortuosum in Southern Africa by different tribes and makes a very good Kougoed product.

Sceletium species contain mesembrine-type alkaloids (simple indole alkaloids) at concentrations ranging from 0.05-2.3% of the dry product (Van Wyk & Wink, 2004)

Care and Cultivation of Sceletium emarcidum

Sceletium emarcidum seed should be sown in Autumn/Winter in a cacti/succulent or general potting mix just under the surface. Fluctuating temperatures are best, ie. high day and low night temperatures. Keep moist until germination after 14-21 days. Leaching through running water is supposed to increase germination rate, though we find that germination excellent without this treatment.

Sceletium emarcidum grows naturally in areas that have either summer or winter rainfall. Sceletium emarcidum grows in autumn, winter and spring and likes to be hibernated over the hot summer months. Dislikes high humidity. Needs a sandy/loam mixtures. Does better in part-shade.

20 seeds per packet


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