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Stigmaphyllon ciliatum – Sapo Huasca (plant)


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This species came to us described as ‘Sapo Huasca’, which often refers to Paullinia pinnata or Cissus verticilliata in South America. However it is neither of these species as the seed was a samara and appears to be in the Malpighiaceae family like Stigmaphyllon or Banisteriopsis. The leaves are more aligned with Stigmaphyllon ciliatum. Collected from the Peruvian Amazon, near Pucallpa. An interesting and beautiful climber, we think it warrants further investigation and have a limited number of plants for sale here.

Care and Cultivation of Sapo Huasca

This species likes a rich and moist soil in part shade to full sun. Frost and drought sensitive. Likes a lot of root space. Fertilise well over the growing season. A liana, it will prefer to climb over something like a fence or a trellis. A little less cold tolerant that B. caapi but we find this vine to be relatively vigorous and easy to care for.

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