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Salvia splendens – Scarlet Sage (seed)


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Salvia splendens is a South American species of the large genus Salvia, originating in Brazil at altitudes of 2000-3000 metres. Scarlet Sage is a popular ornamental plant which now has many cultivars available the world over, with a few more being produced every year. The plant is a perennial herb, it should be trimmed back after the flowers have died to stimulate regrowth. Needs a frost free area.

Salvia splendens contains diterpene compounds closely related to Salvinorin (from Salvia divinorum), these being Salviarin and Splendidin. It appears however that these compounds are more relaxing and anxiolytic than hallucinogenic.

Care and Cultivation

Salvia splendens seed can be sown in autumn/spring or all year round in warm areas. Lightly cover with soil and keep moist until they begin to germinate.

Likes a well-drained position in full sun.

30 seeds per packet


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