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Rubus parvifolius – Wild Raspberry (plant)


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Australia has 8 species of native Raspberry. Rubus parvifolius grows in Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas and SA in areas generally with 900mm of annual rainfall and above.

Excellent habitat. Berries are food for native birds and plants are valuable cover for bandicoots. Berries are sweet and edible and were gathered by colonists for jams and pies. Leaves can make an astringent tea to treat diarrhoea.

It is a hardy plant for larger properties in a sunny position and it responds well to pruning so it can be kept to manageable proportions if regularly maintained. It requires adequate water and well drained soils to perform well. The fruit has a sharp raspberry flavour, that can be quite delicious.

Care and Cultivation of Rubus parvifolius

Full sun to part shade. Tolerant of a wide range of soil and climatic conditions. Prune to shape, makes a great screen/privacy hedge. Can be trained to climb. Fertilise for more growth and fruit. Drought tolerant.

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