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Phaseolus lunatus – Madagascar Bean (seed)


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A vigourous type of Lima Bean, Madagascar Beans tolerate a wide range of soil types, are drought tolerant and produce a good crop of beans each year for up to 6 years. The speckled beans are removed from the dry pods and dried fully for use in soups, etc. The beans should be cooked before eating as some Lima Bean varieties contain varying levels of cyanogenetic glycosides and other irritating compounds that are deactivated by cooking. Soaked overnight, boiled for 30min and then lightly fried with olive oil and garlic in a pan, mmm!

One of my favourite plants for establishing a new garden, it provides a quick screen to cover exposed areas and fences, it produces a quick heavy crop of good quality protein, it adds nitrogen through nitrogen fixing nodules attached to its roots and it adds biomass to the compost bin and to the soil.

Care and Cultivation of Phaseolus lunatus

Plant Madagascar Bean seeds up to 3 times their length directly into position and water in well. They germinate fast and just need a few waters to establish. Germination takes place in 3-10 days.

Likes a full sun position in well drained soil. Needs little water from an early age but will produce a better crop of larger beans with adequate moisture. Mine produce well and grow well in winter in SE Qld but it is expected they will grow better in warmer months in more southern areas.

10 seeds per packet


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