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Perilla frutescens – Red Shiso (seed)

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Perilla frutescens is a member of the Lamiaceae family, Perilla frutescens occurs naturally from japan to India. Widely grown as a culinary herb in East Asia and also popular as an ornamental.

Perilla contains perillaldehyde which is 2000 times sweeter than sugar; the seeds are high in linolenic acid; the leaves are used in Japan for flavouring and colouring preserved ginger and umeboshi plums and artichokes. The seed oil is used for sauces, tobacco, candy and dental products; it also has industrial uses in waterproofing and in paint.

Care and Cultivation of Perilla frutescens

Sow Perilla frutescens seeds the same as basil (just under the surface of a good soil mix, keep moist until germination). Full sun with good drainage and adequate water. Pinch out tips to keep flowering minimal, may self seed freely around garden so keep in mind.

50+ seeds per packet


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