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Pereskiopsis spathulata (cactus)


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Pereskiopsis spathulata is a member of the Cactaceae family, mainly used as a grafting stock for slower growing species such as Lophophora, Ariocarpus, Aztekium, Turbinicarpus, Pelecyphora, etc. If fact you can graft any other cactus to it that you like. It is also used to accelerate Trichocereus and other Cactaceae seedlings to mature flowering forms. The very tip is best for grafting but further down the stem can also be used to success. It roots easily from freshly cut stems and grows tall quite quickly.

Please read our How to graft onto Pereskiopsis blog page, click here.

Care and Cultivation of Pereskiopsis spathulata

Pereskiopsis spathulata likes a full sun position. It is easy to care for, these cacti should be watered well in summer with much less to nothing in winter/cold areas. A mix between cacti and normal potting mix is best. Fast growing in warm moist conditions. Pereskiopsis spathulata likes regular fertiliser when actively growing.

1 x 100-150mm cutting or choose other options

2 reviews for Pereskiopsis spathulata (cactus)

  1. tylergoines

    I didn’t read the fine print and only expected 1 cutting. Cheers,guys!

  2. adriancarll

    Awesome plant, and im still propagating more so I can have a heap for grafts.
    Mine Loves water and some shade for most of the day.

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