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Passiflora maliformis – Sweet Calabash (seed)

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Passiflora maliformis is native to central America and the Caribbean. The Sweet Calabash is a vine with purple, yellow or green skin and a grey-yellow orange pulp that is aromatically scented and flavoured. This is probably my favourite Passionfruit that I have tried! I would describe it as having a fruit custard flavour. It is a fast growing vine, growing best in somewhat cooler than tropical climates. This type has a hard shelled fruit, requiring a knife point or preferably, a rubber mallet or hammer, to gain access. This is an effective barrier against stinging pests such as fruit fly or fruit spotting bug. The specific name refers to the apple-shaped fruit (Malus is the genus of Apples). More info on this species, please click here.

Care and Cultivation of Passiflora maliformis

Soak Passiflora maliformis seeds overnight in warm water. Sow just below surface of seed raising mix and keep warm. Germinates between 2-8 weeks. Likes full sun to part shade. Needs a trellis, fence or tree to climb over.

15 seeds per packet


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