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Passiflora aurantia var. aurantia – Blunt Leaved Passionfruit (seed)

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Passiflora aurantia is an Australian native passionfruit species with beautiful orange flowers (aurantius meaning orange coloured). Found in the eastern parts of Queensland and north-eastern NSW, and also in PNG, Malaysia and some of the Pacific Islands. Fruit is reported to be inedible, I have tried it and its not that great but not inedible. Probably of use for passionfruit breeding or use as a grafting stock as it is a dought hardy species. Two varieties exist, var. aurantia and var. pubescens, which are differentiated by the presence or absence of fine hairs and glands on the petiole.

Care and Cultivation of Passiflora aurantia var. aurantia

Passiflora aurantia seeds may need smoke treatment, heat or boiling water treatment to germinate. Sow seeds just under the surface of a good quality seed raising mix in part shade to full sun and keep moist until germination. Needs a trellis, fence or tree to climb over.

10 seeds per packet


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