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Ocimum sanctum – Krishna Tulsi (seed)

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Ocimum sanctum is a very aromatic species that is used as an incense and for flavouring. Also known as Holy Basil. The herb is warming, has antiseptic qualities, reduces fever and inflammation, clears bacterial infections and strengthens the immune system. It is considered to be a tonic and adaptogenic. An very useful herb. Native to India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. A sub-species of Ocimum sanctum also occurs in Australia. The species name appears to have changed and is now Ocimum tenuiflorum.

There are several types of Ocimum sanctum recognised, this one is a form of ‘Krishna Tulsi’, the variety grown in Hindu temples. This variety has high levels of adaptogenic compounds and a different essential oil composition to the Rama Tulsi. The leaves are larger and take on a dark purple tint with age and is a delicious Tulsi variety.

Care and Cultivation of Ocimum sanctum

Sow Ocimum sanctum seed in spring just beneath surface of a well drained seed raising mix or directly into the garden. Ocimum sanctum like a rich, light andwell-drained soil in full sun. Pinch out tips to encourage bushiness and delay flowering (this can be used with all Ocimum species and is a useful technique to keep your culinary basil producing heaps of leaves). Treat as either an annual or short-lived perennial.

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1 review for Ocimum sanctum – Krishna Tulsi (seed)

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    Super fast germination excellent success rate!

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