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Nicotiana occidentalis subsp. hesperis (seed)

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Nicotiana occidentalis subsp. hesperis is a native Nicotiana species. Herb to 1.3 m, densely pubescent with sticky, glandular hairs. Mainly restricted to coastal and near coastal areas and adjacent offshore islands of WA between latitudes 23°S and 30°S. Nicotiana occidentalis subsp. hesperis usually grows along creeklines or in the shelter of boulders or trees in sandy/rocky soils.

Distinguishable from subsp. occidentalis by its shorter corolla-tube and from subsp. obliqua by its C or U shaped seeds, which are sometimes crested along the outer surface.

Care and Cultivation of Nicotiana occidentalis subsp. hesperis

Nicotiana occidentalis subsp. hesperis seeds need treatment to germinate. One treatment that works well: fill a cup with water and add a capful of household bleach (Sodium hypochlorite) add seeds and let soak for 15-30min (you will notice the seeds changing colour from dark to light). After the time period, remove seeds and rinse with acetone and allow to dry. Sow as normal.

Sprinkle on the surface of a well-drained seed raising mix and keep moist until germination (ca. 14-21 days). Don’t sow too thickly. Once they are large enough they can be transplanted to a sunny position outside. Tolerant of dry and hot conditions but prefers to be watered well. Short lived perennial.

25+ seeds per packet


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