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Nicotiana glutinosa (seed)

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Nicotiana glutinosa is native to Peru and has grey green foliage and the typical Tobacco flowers that are rose pink small trumpets. Annual to short lived perennial.

Nicotiana glutinosa is the original source of the Tobacco Mosaic Virus resistance gene (N) that was bred into commercial tobacco. Nicotiana glutinosa does not show mosaic like symptoms when infected with TMV, instead displaying a ‘rot’ that stems from the point of infection.  Nicotiana glutinosa shows a hypersensitive reaction that is characteristic of resistance to viruses. The plant tissue around the virus point of entry dies, causing a small lesion of dead tissue, which prevents the virus from spreading systemically through the plant. The hypersensitive response may be a two step process in which a necrotic lesion is quickly formed, killing the majority of the virus, and then surviving virus at the edge of the lesion is eventually also killed. To transfer the gene into commercial tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) Clausen and Goodspeed (1925) performed an interspecific bridge cross, successfully creating a N. glutinosa-tabacum hybrid. Goodspeed named the new hybrid N. digluta; a new tetraploid species created through science. (Controlling Tobacco Mosaic Virus in Tobacco through Resistance by C.A. Bagley)

Care and Cultivation of Nicotiana glutinosa

Nicotiana glutinosa does not require any special treatment to germinate. Simply sow like other tobacco seeds (sprinkle on the surface of a good quality sandy/well drained potting mix and water in gently. Germination will occur within 7-21 days. Keep moist until germination. Likes plenty of roots pace in a sandy/well drained position.

Approx 25+ seeds per packet


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