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Nicotiana cavicola (seed)


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Nicotiana cavicola is a native Nicotiana species, occurring in shady places on granite outcrops in central Western Australia. Called ‘Pinkaraangu’ or ‘Talara’ by Aborigines. Historically, the dried and cured leaves were chewed by Aborigines together with the ash of river gum (Eucalyptus sp.) as a stimulant (Lassak & Macarthy, 2001).

Care and Cultivation Seeds need no special treatment to germinate. Sprinkle on the surface of a well-drained mix and keep moist until germination (ca. 14-21 days). Once they are large enough they can be transplanted to a sunny position outside. Tolerant of dry and hot conditions but prefers to be watered well.

25+ seeds per packet


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