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Nicotiana burbidgeae – Witjira Tobacco (seed)

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Nicotiana burbidgeae is named after Miss Nancy Tyson Burbidge (1912-1977) for her contribution to taxonomic botany in Australia. An erect leafy annual or short lived perennial herb to 75cm high, covered in hairs and with several branches near base. Leaves mostly cauline, basal ones to 10 cm long and 7 cm wide, oval, apex obtuse, base broadly attached, leaves of the middle stem region smaller, rather more obovate, gradually decreasing in size upwards, all rather thick and relatively fleshy. Inflorescence of solitary white tubular flowers distributed along upper parts of leafy stems. Flowering between June and September.

Endemic to South Australia and found only in the south-east end of the Dalhousie Springs complex in Witjira National Park, growing along arid creeklines that may be subsaline and gypseous.

Nicotiana burbidgeae info at Seedbank.

Care and Cultivation of Nicotiana burbidgeae

Nicotiana burbidgeae requires stratificiation to commerce germination. A soak overnight in gibberellic acid (GA3) will remove dormancy. After soaking in GA3, rinsing and allowing the seeds to dry off, sow Nicotiana burbidgeae like other tobacco seeds (sprinkle on the surface of a good quality sandy/well drained potting mix and water in gently). Germination will occur within 7-21 days. Keep moist until germination. Likes plenty of root space in a sandy/well drained mix in full sun. Drought tolerant. I find this species does best in SE QLD autumn and winter. Treat as an annual.

15 seeds per packet

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