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Mimosa hostilis v. inermis – Jurema (seed)

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Mimosa hostilis is native to northern Brazil and its range extends through into Central America. It is a pioneer species, germinating readily after fire and making the environment more amenable to succeeding generations of other species though its nitrogen fixing ability, it quickly creates organic material and humus for the soil. Now known as Mimosa tenuiflora.

Called tepezcohuite in Mexico where it is widely used as a wound healing agent.

Mimosa hostilis has many uses apart from the rootbark being a source of hallucinogenic tryptamines. The bark has been used to heal wounds, as an analgesic, fodder for stock and bees and a source of tannin.

Care and Cultivation of Mimosa hostilis

Mimosa hostilis seeds should germinate well with no treatment as long as temperatures are high enough in spring/summer/autumn. A soak overnight before sowing is also a good idea. Some people use a hot water treatment before sowing (scarification). Use a good quality seed raising mix. A small amount of fertilisation is recommended as Mimosa hostilis is a legume and high levels of nitrogen fertilisers can hinder rhizobial colonisation of the roots. Likes full sun to part shade, moist soil although it is drought tolerant. Can be deciduous in winter months. Spring flowering.

Our Mimosa hostilis seeds are harvested annually from our inermis selection (latin for armless/defenceless/spineless) and are predominantly thornless.

10 seeds per packet

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5 reviews for Mimosa hostilis v. inermis – Jurema (seed)

  1. elliotbarry

    Poor germination I’ve had zero luck germinating ten seeds in and outside a glass house. To increase germination success I used gibberellic acid which hasn’t didn’t help. I believe the seeds sold to me were likely to old.

    • Herbalistics

      Hi Elliot, as mentioned on the product page, scarification will help if you are having trouble germinating these. GA3 or smoke treatment will NOT help, as the seeds are unable to absorb water or these things until they are scarified. A customer a few months ago complained about the same thing. Then once I’d clarified this with him, he scarified the seeds and ended up with more plants that he needed 🙂 The seeds are harvested annually by ourselves and are not ‘old’. These seeds, like a lot of legumes, have a long viability, which I believe to be 5-7 years. Given the correct treatment you should have no trouble, even where you are on the edge of Bass Strait.

  2. arandall0007

    All sprouted without issue.Scored some then put them in hot water for 24 hours.
    Did not really know what I was doing & they have all come up within 3 days.

  3. cityliving12

    Excellent germination, No dramas at all bringing these little gems up. Hot water and good to go. Thank guys.

  4. cityliving12

    I must add these where the easiest plant to germinate out of any plant I’ve tried In my life. elliotbarry You need to have a good look at yourself. Lol.

  5. Brandon K

    Amazing quality seeds, had 4 out of 6 that I planted sprout in just 4 days! Used hot water treatment to scarify. Thanks Darren!

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